4 Tips on How to Take Naps for Mom’s Sanity and Health


Naps! This, of course, applies to dads or grandparents or whomever is up in the night with babies and children, aka ‘littles.’

One of the biggest challenges for moms, et al, of young children is naps. I’m not talking about naps for the littles, I’m talking about naps for mom! When you’ve been up in the night with insomnia, diaper changes, feedings, illness, comforting and cuddling littles who’ve had a bad dream, or babies who think 2am is prime playtime(!) mom needs a nap and getting one in with small children at home can be a major challenge.

Even the healthiest among us can get sick, both physically and mentally, due to sleep deprivation.

When there are underlying health issues, naps are extremely important. Health can decline quickly due to a lack of sleep.

1. Nap when the baby naps! It’s not cliché, it’s darn good advice! Those gorgeous photos above of mommies and babies napping together are provided by my wonderful dear friends and family ♥️

Housework really can wait. No guilt allowed! And no, you don’t have to cuddle the baby during nap time if it works better for you not to. There’s plenty of time the rest of the day to cuddle. Cuddle-time is important.

2. As for older children, I used to plug in a calming video such as Thomas the Tank Engine or Teletubbies for my littles and tell them mommy absolutely has to nap so she can be a good, happy, fun mommy and so she won’t get sick. They were really good about it. I could get a 30 minute nap in once or twice a day.

3. I also hired a neighbor girl (a boy would be great, too!) to come over after school and play with my littles and make and share an after-school/afternoon snack, while the baby and I took a nap for an hour or so everyday. I was in the house, she could wake me up if anything urgent came up. My littles loved it! I loved it! And so did she!

4. If you work outside the home, try to take a 10-15 minute power nap during your lunchtime. Those power naps are beneficial and effective.

I still take naps and my ‘littles’ are now ‘bigs!’ They’re all grown up – and even being an empty-nester, there are days I still need a nap. Health issues, or not, naps are good for you!

If you have a chronic illness, naps are important as the immune system heals when you sleep. Click here for more info on raising a family when chronically ill.

Happy Napping ~

Photo Credits: Nycole Inskeep, my former Campfire Girl (I was her den leader!); Kaylynn Schrack, my cousin; Linda Ryder, my wonderful nurse of two hospitalizations ~