My Travel Blog: Two Days in New York City! 8 Must-See-Must-Dos!

Two Days in New York City

If you find yourself in New York City, I have some must-see-must-do tips!

I actually found myself in New York last year as a rather spur of the moment, unplanned adventure, following a heart attack and therefore unable to fly home for two weeks, so we had a mandatory road trip as mentioned in a previous travel blog post.

Whether you find yourself in New York, or it’s a planned trip, I have some great must-see-must-do tips!

All this can all be carried out in two days!

  1. See the Statue of Liberty in the morning!

That’s when the sun is shining on her face! The entire front of her glows in the morning sun and it’s quite spectacular. Seeing her later in the day when her face is in the shadows just pales in comparison. See her around 10am.

If you buy tickets for the open air double-decker (Big Bus Tours) hop on-hop-off tour bus, you get the Hornblower Ferry ride complimentary and it’s worth it to see the statue from the water in the morning. The Staten Island Ferry is a free option to see her from the water, as well, but doesn’t get as close. 

Or see her from the ground, but still in the morning!

2. McSorley’s Irish Pub

McSorley’s is the oldest Irish Pub in New York City! And it’s wonderful! There’s only two alcoholic beverages on the menu: light and dark ale, served only in even numbers! If you order one, you get two! A famous limited menu but it’s good and affordable! You are seated at tables with others from all over the world which makes for wonderful conversations, new friends, and photo ops!

Everyone from Abe Lincoln to John Lennon have been to McSorley’s. A rich history with photos on the walls. A street artist is often out front sketching the place and selling his originals and prints. Makes a great and affordable souvenir!

3. Joe’s Shanghai in China Town

Delicious Chinese Soup Dumplings filled with meatball soup! Again, you’re seated at tables with people from all over the world! They have a full menu but they are famous for the delicious Shanghai soup dumplings! Affordable and so good!

4. Pedicab tour of Central Park

Well worth it! It’s pricey but you can dicker with them! Once we agreed upon a price, the pedicab tour through the park was wonderful! He was a great tour guide from Jamaica who loves New York and told us all about Central Park with great passion and interest! He took us to see John Lennon’s Memorial as well as several other famous sites. And he gave us time to stop and walk around at each historical/famous site and he used our phones to snap pictures of us at each site!

5. NY Public Transportation: subway, uber, taxi, ferry, pedicab, walk

Open air hop-on-hop-off tour bus (as previously mentioned, includes ferry which goes closer to statue.) Great tour of city with optional earbuds. Get off and back on wherever you want! It’s great! We used all these NYC modes of transportation! Check Groupon for deals!

6. New York Street Food

Milkshake float if for no other reason than they’re not a thing back home!

Street food vendors/carts for Nathan’s Hotdogs and fries complete with French fry forks! Yes, really! Keeps your fingers clean for texting! Staten Island or anywhere on the street. Nathan’s, being kosher, is most likely the cleanest/healthiest New York hot dog you can find!

7. Affordable Lodging

Save money even with expensive bridge fair, you will save a lot of money! Stay in New Jersey at Comfort Suites, spacious clean rooms, good customer service, good complimentary breakfast (top your waffle with their bananas and other fresh fruits!). Good price. Especially with AAA. Or Air B&B or hostel. Comfort Suites provides a shuttle to New York City for $7 per person RT, which is great considering bridge fair is $20! But still less than staying in New York City!

8. See New York from New Jersey’s Hamilton Park!

Especially at night! Pictured above! Just do it! It’s spectacular and easy when you stay in Jersey!

Take it all in! Check it off your bucket list!

I♥️NY ~ and so will you!

I’ve included some links below to enhance your travels! Including a passport cover with built-in cell phone charger! I want one!

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