New Research on Exercise Reveals Anti-Inflammatory vs Pro-Inflammatory Effects


We all know that exercise is good for your overall health but for the billions of people around the world suffering from chronic inflammation, moderate exercise also reduces inflammation!

In a recent study at UC San Diego, headed up by Dr. Suzi Hong and her research team, human test subjects walked on a treadmill for twenty minutes at a rate adjusted to each individual’s fitness level. Blood samples were taken from the participants both before and immediately after the exercise sessions.

The blood test results revealed that twenty minutes of walking reduced inflammation in the body!

Important Point
Moderation is key, respecting your limits, listening to your body: exercise to your personal capacity.

Over-doing it with too much exercise can be pro-inflammatory rather than anti-inflammatory.

Just like one cup of coffee is beneficial while a lot of coffee is harmful.

I watched as a marathon runner lost all bodily functions as she crossed the finish line. She was taken away in an ambulance and was hospitalized for several days. This overdose of exercise was harmful to her health – while other marathon runners cross the finish line in much better shape.

One size does not fit all no matter your level of health: not all athletes have an equal capacity for exercise and training – and not all chronically ill people have the same capacity or limitations. You must learn and respect your own capacity for physical activity.

“If you over-train/over-exercise, you typically wind up doing more harm than good, as your body needs to recuperate from the damage and inflammation incurred during your workout.” – Dr. Mercola

For those of us with health issues, physical therapy is a wonderful resource if your insurance covers it. Certified Personal Trainers who are experienced in underlying health issues are another way to go. Or just be careful and respect your physical activity capacity!

Learn the art of pushing yourself while not over-doing it. A challenging art that requires mindfulness.

“At the bare minimum, you need to get out of your chair and move every fifty minutes or so.” – Dr. Mercola

If you’re in a state of recovery, unable to stand up, there’s a great show on PBS called, ‘Sit and Be Fit.’ Been there done that. I used to record the show so I could do the workouts more than once a day. Soon I was able to get out of the chair to exercise!

Once you’re able to get up but still unable to put in the twenty-minutes-a-day and you’re on the sofa watching TV, at every commercial, get up and walk laps around the room or walk in place. This will speed up recovery so you can do that twenty-minutes-a-day sooner. I used to do those family room laps using a walker. Then I graduated to a cane. Now I walk without devices!

I still use my walker to exercise! I use it for stability to do various PT exercises, so hang onto your walker after you no longer need it for walking! Or pick one up just for exercise purposes! They work great as exercise equipment! Even my healthy, able-bodied, athletic sons have used it!

“It’s important to realize that your diet can sabotage these beneficial effects. By eating inflammatory foods, such as sugar/fructose, refined grains, trans fats, and processed foods in general, your body will generate inflammatory cytokines. And, unfortunately, you simply cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet.” – Dr. Mercola

Go here for my researched list of anti-inflammatory superfoods.

And check out my easy delicious anti-inflammatory recipes – and more to come! Watch for them!

Inflammation is a necessary part of the body’s immune response, but chronic inflammation can lead to a myriad of painful and debilitating diseases.

Implementing an anti-inflammatory regimen which includes moderate exercise customized to your needs is key to preventing and fighting inflammatory diseases.

So here’s to your health! Take a walk! Enjoy it! And follow my blog for more anti-inflammatory remedies and recipes and health benefits ♥️

Photo Credit: Cheryl Kuni


Dr. Joseph Mercola; UC San Diego; Dr. Suzi Hong; US Dept of Health; Journal of Brain, Behavior and Immunity

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