Healthy Eating without Breaking the Bank


Many people feel that eating healthy is too expensive, but the truth is that eating clean – and even organic – can cost less than fast food and junk food!

When my boys were little we could stop by the local natural food store and grab a fresh organic deli sandwich or salad and a delicious large organic cookie and an organic beverage for less than the price of a fast food combo meal! I assumed it would cost more than a fast food meal and I was pleasantly surprised to learn otherwise!

Other resources for affordable healthy eating:

  • Organic food co-ops. Google for your area. They eliminate the storefront overhead and the savings are passed onto the consumer. You order once a month and pick up once a month in most cases.
  • Discount grocery stores are carrying more and more organic foods all the time. And you don’t have to buy in bulk. Lots of fresh produce as well as frozen. One where I live is called Grocery Outlet.
  • Costco and Walmart are also carrying more and more organics.
  • Local organic produce distributors that deliver your fresh organic produce to your door! Again, no storefront overhead costs and so it costs less than grocery stores/super markets and it’s delivered to you! Google for your area. Good luck!
  • Beans are cheap and healthy! Lots of great recipes! Homemade hummus is cheap and healthy and filling!
  • Grow your own food! Use organic seeds, soil and nutrients! Lowe’s carries an affordable selection!

Some of my healthy affordable snack/breakfast recipes:

Cinnamon Toast Makeover

Hazelnut Banana Wraps

Not Yo Momma’s Oatmeal

Happy Affordable Healthy Eating! ♥️

Author: cconlowolsen

I'm a mom with a background in nutrition, teaching, child and human development, photography, health, travel, outdoors, animal rescue, mentoring, business ownership, cooking, navigating traditional health care and alternative health care, writing, and more. I have a chronic illness I've been managing for decades while raising a family, homeschooling my kids and enjoying life to the fullest. I want to share my experiences both good and bad, to help others!

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