Warning: Mother’s Day is this Weekend ~ 5 Survival Tips to Make it Wonderful!


Whether you celebrate with your mother, mother-in-law, or your kids, I have some tips!

Tip #1:

A tradition I started a few years ago is to celebrate on Mother’s Day Eve instead! You rarely need reservations and the restaurants don’t have those over-the-top Mother’s Day Crowds! The food is usually much better quality than on Mother’s Day when cooks and chefs are over-worked and stressed. The service is usually much better than on Mother’s Day when servers are over-worked and stressed. The drinks are usually much better than on Mother’s Day when bartenders and mixologists are over-worked and stressed.

I have really enjoyed my Mother’s Day Eve tradition! Prior to this new tradition, Mother’s Day was usually too stressful to enjoy.

So now on Mother’s Day, I just relax or sometimes take in a movie or read a good book or enjoy being outdoors in nice weather – or spend the day with family – and just enjoy the day without Mother’s Day crowds!

And I still don’t cook because it’s Mother’s Day after all! Hubby usually BBQ’s! So two days of celebrating and not cooking!

Tip #2

Celebrating two days also makes it so you can focus on your mother and/or mother-in-law one day and yourself the other day! I felt a little left out as an honored mom on Mother’s Day prior to this new tradition.

Tip #3

Don’t forget your step-mom on Mother’s Day! Give her a call or some kind of acknowledgement. There really should be a Step Day to honor those relationships and roles.

Tip #4

Don’t forget your daughters and daughters-in-law who are mothers!

Tip #5

Don’t forget the mother of your children!

Happy Mother’s Day Eve ♥️

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend ♥️